Sunday, October 25, 2009


Been a while since my last post. Loads of stuff happening on the personal side, but am still trying to stick to drawing daily, and am more or less satisfied with some of the progress. There is stuff here from the last 3 weeks of work, and after being back in TO, I remembered how much I enjoyed drawing with a colored pencil, so I picked up for myself a red erasable pencil. I got to say it is a blast now! Just so much more fun doing these things and having something more interesting then grey shades to look at. Distracts you from the regular set of things you do. So yea, enjoy!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Another update! Loads of stuff...

Ok, so more stuff to dump here. I haven't had a chance to take a pic of everything I do, and there are pages and pages of stuff, most of which is the garbage that needs to come out before something worth viewing comes accross.

This time there has been quite an extensive amount of studying the hands and the face. Besides Bridgeman's book I also followed the 3 DVDs by the giant Glen Vilppu, and have to say that he is incredible in the knowledge of anatomy. Simply great to follow, and learned a ton and a half. The first set of hands with the head on the same page is referenced from Bridgeman, while others are of my own left hand. The Venetian Mask that I drew is one that is hanging on the wall at my appartment.

I have also finally made my first painting (a quicky really) in acrylics. It was a spontaneous outburst as I got so sick of my pencil, that instead of breaking it, I grabbed some brushes and a random pose to reference, and did this. The colors are mine, only referenced the light and dark areas from the photo.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

More learning...

So, another dump of some stuff I did lately. Most are head studies, some figure studies from Bridgeman, a study of my Ginseng Bonsai, although since the study is pretty small, no leaves are visible, and my actual COLOR! study of an apple, done in photoshop over the lunch breaks. Enjoy!



Thursday, September 3, 2009