Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Debugging Models and Views using ModelTest

If you are like me, and spend quite a bit of time making new tools that always seems to require more and more advanced ways of working with QModels and QViews, you might have ran into issues with Segmentation Faults and general problems where it is very hard to tell where an how you've gone wrong.
QT has a very neat little module in it's C++ library called ModelTest. This is basically a little virtual tester that keeps a watch on your model's activity, and as certain aspects of the model or it's data change, it analyzes the changes, and tests if all the changes go through the expected cycle.
If you are not using QT, but are rather on the side of using PySide or PyQt, there is a Python Version of ModelTest. It saved me a ton of time just recently where I had some very hard-to-track issues that would pop up without recognizable patterns.
Using ModelTest is super simple:
from ModelTest import ModelTest
model = MyModel()
ModelTest(model, self) # Second argument simply needs to be a parent to attach ModelTest to.

Happy Coding!

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