Monday, July 26, 2010

Post-weekend Update...

So, going through chapter one of FORCE, I have also watched the videos Mike Mattesi that he has on his site that coincide with the first chapter, and here is some of the stuff I ended up with. I still need to make more decisive marks, at the moment many of my lines are quite unsure, and repeat themselves one too many times. This quite evidently shows how much I am afraid of making wrong decisions when putting them down. I will keep practicing, maybe thinking a little more before each line, and will try limiting down any corrections I make to each mark.

I did start feeling a little of what Mattesi is trying to explain by FORCE. More in some cases then in others, but I still am practicing right now, so hopefully with time my eye will catch more of what I am after. Crits are always welcome!

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  1. Ohi Dimitry !
    Onestly I'm not sure if I am a huge fan of Mattesi ideas or not... but it seems you are doing a very good work here.