Thursday, July 29, 2010

Life drawing + doodles

Another update. I think I am starting to, little by little, understand some moments of gesture Mattesi tries to get through. But to keep myself from going mental with doing the same thing over and over, while doing life drawing, I did a pose that we had (20 mins) as properly measured as I could hand;e at that moment. It was rather hard being that slow and careful about making all the measurements, but hell, it feels good when you look at things and they actually come out right. I do feel, though, that drawing in such a manner tends to loose the life out of that drawing, and with Mattesi's advice, I feel like I am getting more and more free of being too rigid all the time (too many straight lines, etc etc). I have in plans a few portraits I want to do, all very academic, as careful as I can do them. Looking to get some new moments in understanding construction, planes, and tonal values. I am tempted to start on Preston Blair's book as well, but I think I will give it some time and go through Mattesi's book first, but I do not think I can resist trying my hand at some of drawings of Tex's Droopy and the other chars from his shorts.


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  1. Monday sketches turn out pretty good Dimitry - first three are my favorites.