Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Finally some progress! Makes things a little worth the while...

Oooofff, finally some visible progress... I have gotten a pretty interesting advice recently, suggesting to study both gesture and anatomy together, as anatomy will significantly improve the results of a gesture, which seems logical enough for me, so, as I am moving on to chapter 2 of Mattesi's book, I also have gotten myself an interesting set of lectures by Robert Beverly Hale, thanks to the exact same person.

And here is stuff from Monday's lifedrawing. Didn't do too much on the weekend, was a weird one this one... But better off now:)

A very quick and rough sketch of my friend and colleague Carlo Rotolo


  1. Ahahh Dimitry, I would really like to have a beard like the one you have drawn..


    PS: Carletto? Carletto???

  2. You getting there, man, you getting there:P