Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Long nights, but loving every bit of it!

Been staying up quite a bit lately... Surprising part for myself is that the reason for it is me drawing! I feel exhilarated nearly every time I touch a pencil now (Should I be concerned?...)

Anyway, so I've been going back to learning a bit more anatomy as well these days, going through Glen Vilppu's head anatomy videos. I know that I am still really confused with the cheek area and the depressors of the lips area. It is really useful, and if you don't know it, better get them ASAP. Some of the best anatomy instruction videos that exist.

I didn't go all that nuts with drawing many heads (I will soon, however), but I did try my best at learning what Vilppu was explaining, and at the end of it all I did a head drawing from imagination, trying to remember all that I just learned. Can't say I feel succesful, but I do believe I learned something along the way...

And here is another little brain fart:

I have also not posted my lifedrawing from last week, i believe. As I had a session today as well, here is what I ended up outputting. Sometimes I hope the Pencil Gods will forgive my infinite sins... Because honestly, I fear that these sketches must be pissing the off a whole lot!

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  1. i'm sure at this rate of drawing the pencil gods will be very pleased!