Friday, November 5, 2010

Woohooo! I'm on a roll:)

Ok, I gotta say, I am very much enjoying my time now. Not sure what happened, but it looks like I broke a new plateau when it comes to drawing. I know, I know, still a ton to learn, will always be, but hey, this is pretty damn cool! For the first time, in my life - no less, I can really see my own progress!

So, cutting to the chase. Last night I decided that I need to do a facial study, to try and solidify my understanding of the face. I picked a random face and started working. My goal was to work from the inside out, meaning I was looking for skeleton landmarks that would create a solid proportion and structure, general head shape, then slowly but surely progressing into seeing how different facial muscles formed the face and caused certain forms of the face. Then I tried to get all those forms to work correctly.

I cannot describe just HOW MUCH I learned. This is absolutely amazing! I really understood how much all of that anatomical structure can assist you while working, and how much is in fact going on. No kidding, I was shaking while doing this, cause I was so nervous to put too much pressure on the pencil. Which, btw, finally forced me to start light, and progress from larger to smaller. Basically, I am finally doing things as they have always been told to me to do:)

Ok, I hope I didn't overhype this, as it isn't anything out of the ordinary, but hell, it deffinately is a landmark to how far I went so far. Time to complete - ~2.5 hrs.


If you want to see a larger version, go HERE.

Till next time!


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