Thursday, April 23, 2015

Learning OpenGL

So I have finally decided to get down and dirty with learning OpenGL from the ground up, and what better way to do it then to write your own 3D viewer, which is exactly what I did. To those who are observant, the viewer should look familiar as I am learning through the tutorials by Joey de Vries, however, I chose to implement it via QT instead of GLEW, as Joey does. Additionally I have implemented my own camera, close to something I would be using in Maya, or any other 3D DCC app, so you tumble around a central pivot point. The math of the camera needs a bit of clean up as I am still getting some bugs, but it's usable, so will have to do for now. To-come is an implementation of OBJ loading via tinyobj library, as well as Alembic support. I would like to eventually implement shader-based raytracing with Physically Based Rendering principles, and possibly implement the support for OpenSubDiv. But, as time is limited, this might take a while. The current shading model is generic Phong. Enjoy!

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