Friday, October 31, 2014

A basic dielectric with refraction

Another quick post. This is also not new, I've done this about a week ago, and its essentially an assembly of the theory posted by Kevin George that describes the Beer's Law of light absorbtion. He only posts some information about the main part of the shader (the logarithmic decay of the light), and so I went ahead and implemented the theory as well as the rest of the basic shader. This is not a physically plausible setup, and I am currently working on implementing a more generic, RSL 2.0 friendly, and physically plausible version that will eventually include some texture mapping support, and maybe other basic features. I am looking to implement a correct BRDF approach, and will see if I can actually utilize the GGX BRDF eventually. It is quite a bit of work, so I wouldn't expect this to be something that will come too soon, but still, its good to aim high!

test dielectric 01 from Dimitry Kachkovski on Vimeo.

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